My Science Project (Project Title goes here)

Abstract/ Background Research paper: State your research here. Make sure that you site you work. If you use an internet sitebe sure that you cite them properly.

Question/ Problem/Purpose:
State your purpose here? This should be a solid question that discusses your objective along with the variables that affect your experiment.

Hypothesis ( Prediction)

Materials/Apparatus: List (include digital photos of materials and/or set-up)

Procedure: Step by step instruction that anyone can follow to repeat your experiment. Include all details and measurements needed to reproduce your results.

( insert Video)

Observations(raw data, data tables )

Analysis of data: (graphs properly labelled with units, legend(if needed), axes labelled, title of graph)

(video/ digital photos to illustrate results)

Conclusions/Discussion Was the hypothesis correct? Was the problem solved? What you have done differently?
Explanation of your variables – independent (changes) and dependent (fixed/ does not change)
Recommendations for your lab regarding how your hypothesis could be better tested (changing procedure) and/or identifying and fixing any shortcomings with your experiment (Sources of errors)