Research These resources may help you in your research

Once the students have identified a question, they want to answer, the next step is to learn as much as possible on the subject. The objective of doing research is to be prepared to form an intelligent testable hypothesis.

All of your research should constist of one specific domain of Science. From the multiple sources of information that you read you should notice a trend that develops regarding common vocabulary and ideas that support your topic.

It is important to remember that your are not reseaching your project. Do not look for exactly what you are planning to test. Rather, your reseach should focus on smaller aspects of the idea. For example, if your idea involves diet coke and mentos rockets. You will not reseach other diet coke and mentos projects. You will be looking for chemical reactions between acids and bases. Why do Acids and bases react? How can you modify these reactions? What should happen if you add or subtract acid? All of these questions that you answer in your reseach will allow you to formulate a solid hypothesis.

In your research report your group must answer the following based on 3 research sites. Here is a place to start

Citing Research

Within your 3 research sites you have to extract the key peices of information that make that site worth using. There are some essential things to state when citing sources of research.
1. "in quotation marks you must state the sample of reseach that makes sense to your reseach topic"
2. you must state the URL that you got that information from.
3. you must state the date in which you found that info - Jan 8, 2009. The reason that you include the date is so you know if the information is up to date.

This is only a sample:
"when the diet cola (acid) is mixed the the mentos (base) it creates a reaction." - January 8, 2009

It is important to remember that you only want to use quality/trusted sites for your reseach. Remember to use C.A.R.S. checklist (Credibility, Accuracy, Resonableness, Sources) when determining if an internet site is a good source to use.

See - for more information on evaluating web content.

Writing the Research Report

1. Intro paragraph
  • intro sentence - talk about topic - explain branch of science
  • introduce the 3 aspects that you researched
  • concluding sentence - lead into topic/next paragraph
2. Body of Writing - 3 Paragraphs one for each reseach aspect
  • intro sentence - leads reader to understand specific topic
  • identify/explain vocabulary terms
  • reinforce with quote (proper citation)
  • concluding sentence - transition sentence from this topic to the next
3. Conclusion
  • Summary of what was looked at
  • explanation of what was learned

Rubric of how you will be evaluated on your research paper.

Example Report:
Research Report
This project falls under the chemistry branch of science.
"Chemistry is the science of materials that make up the physical world around you." One of the main aspects of chemistry is to rearrange the atoms of a know substance so that you can produce a new one. The point of this project is to use fruit and vegetable juices as battery acid and to see what fruit or fruit powers makes a better battery. The battery will be used to turn on a calculator.

“A battery is actually an electric cell device that produces electricity from a chemical reaction". When the chemicals inside the battery mix and a chemical reaction is formed the battery produces power. A battery consists of two or more cells. A cell consists of a negative electorde, positive electrode, and an electrolyte. Different batteries use different electrodes and different electrolyte. Some electrolytes and corrosive (hazaderous) substances.

Different kinds of batteries have different characteristics". // January 13, 2009. Batteries come in different sizes and voltages. for example a AA battery would have a higher voltage than a AAA battery because it is bigger. When the project is preformed three different fruits will be used and each fruit will have a higher or lower voltage some batteries produce different voltages than others. Some batteries have high voltages and others have low voltages for example a flashlight battery has a voltage of 1.5 volts and a car battery has a voltage of 12 volts.

“Inside the battery itself a chemical reaction produces electrons." January 15, 2009. The chemicals inside a battery produce different electrons, a positive and a negative when the battery is placed inside something like a camera the chemicals start to react and the two electrons meet giving the camera power. The speed of electron production controls how many electrons can flow between the terminals. Electrons flow from a battery through a wire and they must travel from a positive to a negative terminal. If this doesn’t happen no chemical reaction will take place. Electrons collect on the negative terminal of the battery, if you connect a wire from the positive terminal to the negative terminal the electrons will flow extremely fast and wear out the battery very quickly.

In conclusion there are many diffrent types of batteries that run in the same way for example car batteries and flashlight batteries all have electrons and battery acid nad run in sort of the same way. The only diffrences are that one battery has a higher voltage than the other.