This project falls under the branch of physics.
Physics are the study of physical forces and qualities. The scientific study of matter, energy, force, and motion, and the way they relate to each other.
One of the main aspects of this project is if the counter force weight [5 pounds] will make the tennis ball go further than if the counter force weight was 3 pounds

one of the key terms was to figure out what the fulcrum was.the fulcrum is also known as . it is an anatomical structure that acts as a hinge or a point of support
it is also know as the pivot point.another is the counter force wieght is also known as the weight that sends the projectile flying.
the projectile is A TENNIS BALL

Note: I might exchange the wood pole for a mop pole because it already has a hole in it.
The fulcrum is the pivot point to the swing arm and it is often called the axel.
The force is what sends the ball flying. And that can be known as the counter-force.
The counter force can be anything heavy ex. Basketball or a 5 pound rock or batteries.

Will the tennis ball go farther if the counter force is heavier?
My hypothesis is that the counter- force will make the tennis ball go further.

Materials: julian_and_justyn_trebuchet.JPG

· Wood. Not too thick, but not too thin. String. Has to be fairly strong.
· Wood rod. Has to be very strong. For the axle.
· Weights. 3 pound weights and 5 pound weight.
· screws, Glue and one nail
· A Drill
· a strawberry yogert container cut down the middle and then screwed there
· a metal hook
· Hammer
· Skill saw.
We will use a 5 pound counter-force weight
The instructions are to place the three flat pieces of wood. They are two inches each and nail them together side by side with two and a half inch nails and then place the axle in the siding.p
The sling can be made out of a strip of silk or a piece of leather
The projectile can be a tennis ball or a marble or an egg or a rock.
1. Place projectile into scarton and fire with 3 pound counter force weight
2. Record how far the tennis ball went
3. Try with 5 pound counterforce weight
4.record. he support beams crossways they are also two inches long. The swing arms is 2 by 16 inches long .And drill a hole into the pipe or the wood pole and place the counter force weight and place the pouch with the tennis ball in it.